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Here at Kick Ass Life (KAL), we’re different.

We seek personal growth and development.


By taking action. Real action. Via challenges.

We seek to live, not to regret.

Here’s what we strive for:

  • Freedom? ✔

  • Wisdom? ✔

  • Personal growth? ✔

  • Like-minded community? ✔

  • Accountability? ✔

Instead of traditional newsletters curated with a bunch of article links, we prioritize action.

We believe that living our best lives requires embracing our fears by completing challenges, no matter how uncomfortable.

What you can expect

With every newsletter, you can expect a new challenge for you to take action on.

The Kick Ass community is +500 strong and growing, full of smart, curious, and tough people, parents, hobbyists, athletes, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, creators, and owners.

I have a lot of fun creating this, and I think you’ll have a lot of fun being a part of our journey. Join our growing community by subscribing below.

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Yarty Kim

Founder, Creator, Martial Artist. Passionate about entrepreneurship, martial arts, and personal growth.